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Spring Fever Music Video

Collaboration with music duo: And Darling 

Dancers: Deanna Filsinger Lisa Giancola, Sawyer, Ava Untermyer, Nicole Zizzi

Song Recorded Mixed and Mastered by Mackenzie Christensen Video Filmed and Produced by Andrew Quinn

Drone Pilot: Ashley Buchanan

SIR Model of Infectious Diseases
Dancers: Scilla Bennett, Hayley Forrest, Jessie Hogestyn, Lisa Giancola, Kaylee Mahan, Stephanie Piscione, Alaina Sawyer, Ava Untermyer, Nicole Zizzi

Choreography: Susceptible Phrase: Alaina Sawyer, Infected Phrase: Jessie Hogestyn, Recovery Phrase: choreographed in collaboration with all dancers

Film and sound edited by: Nicole Zizzi

Sound: Excerpt from lecture by Professor John Straub, Boston University, "Sounds of Quarantine" recorded by Kaylee Mahan


Music by Sebastian Piano

Dancing by Lisa Costello & Nicole Zizzi

Filming & Editing by Leighann Kowlsky
Artwork by Rowan Willigan

Year Two, October 2017

Edited by Lisa Costello

Music by: Tycho

The Evolution of One Evolve Year, October 2016

Edited by Nicole Zizzi

Music by: Olafur Arnalds


Videography by Ava Desautels
Film Editing by Lisa Giancola
Choreography by Lisa Giancola and Nicole Zizzi
Dancers: Scilla Bennett, Deanna Filsinger, Hayley Forrest, Lisa Giancola, Kaylee Mahan, and Nicole Zizzi
Music: Lay On the Couch All Day by Le Gang
Art Installation by Esther Solondz

Location: The Fruitlands Museum, Harvard MA

D'Amby Collab Reh 1

Music by Sleeping At Last

Featuring : Lisa Costello, Rowan Willigan, & Nicole Zizzi

Filming & Editing by: Leighann Kowlasky 

Shadows Remembered 

Music by Mumford and Sons.

Performed : Lisa Costello, Stephanie Piscione, & Nicole Zizzi

Editing by: Nicole Zizzi
Filming by: Kelley Pierce.

Dancers of the Dark, October 2015

Filmed by Jayme Giancola

Edited by Jayme Giancola and Nicole Zizzi

Music by: Dawn Golden

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