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Hip Hop Cardio & Core at Girl Fit Physical Therapy

Hip Hop Cardio is designed to get your blood flowing and your body moving in a fun and funky environment. Each class will start with a hip hop warm up to get our bodies moving and grooving. There will be short burst of conditioning in which we strengthen those hip hop abs and arms. We will also practice some across the floor exercises in which we explore how the body moves through space while also building confidence. If time permits we may also teach a short hip-hop dance to build upon the skills practiced in the beginning of class. We believe that everybody, every BODY, and anybody is a dancer and we are committed to building confidence in our students of all ages and abilities. No experience required!

We've partnered with Girl Fit Physical Therapy...

to bring this fun and funky class series to you! Girl Fit is owned by a good friend of ours, Kate Hamilton.  She is a fierce girl boss with a passion for teaching young girls about their bodies in a bright and fun environment. We have worked with Kate and the Girl Fit team through our own physical therapy needs and we believe that exercise should always be fun. And so, we have meshed our dance knowledge with everything that Girl Fit has taught us to bring you this class. Come get funky and have fun with us! 


Check out the schedule on mind body here.

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