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Saturday, December 4th at 8pm

Sunday, December 5th at 7pm

@The Dance Complex - 536 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA
*Live stream option available for Sunday*

Evolve Dynamicz’s production “REVIVE,” comprised of a dynamic range of improvised pieces, is a reminder of the strength and resilience inherent to communities.

Our company rehearsed on zoom for 18 months before having our first in-person rehearsal and our members truly felt the lack of touch and shared space. Still, we were the lucky ones; we had support from one another through the community that our dance family brings. So, in continuing our work of mental health advocacy through dance and performance, we want to open up our community and share the magic of improvised movement with our audiences— because community healing is what everyone needs right now.


Communities are resilient, communities overcome.

General Admission $15

Sunday Live Stream $8

a night of community healing

For more information about the show and our initiative to #endthestigma of mental health, illness, and wellness visit our LUCIDITY page

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